We help build marketing teams that are future-focused and able to deal with the rapid pace of change in todays landscape. 

We are passionate about enabling people to change themselves and to lead transformation in their functions. This is not learning about technology for technology’s sake, it’s about applying new skills to solve new problems. The result is a better understanding of how technology can transform and deliver value inside and outside your organisation.

Workshops merging the best online inspiration with in-room experiences on technology, change, marketing and culture.  

Active learning experiences that help people develop their mindsets, gain knowledge and turn it into skills.

Blended learning programmes


Personal coaching

Communities of learning and practice


Our Training Sprint

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At Congregation we view the need to hire as an opportunity for growth. The act of recruiting presents an opportunity for every organisation to grow, evolve and improve - and yet this opportunity is often squandered, sacrificed to an inflexible, outmoded process and/or an unachievable time frame that too often results in damaging compromise.

Done well, the recruitment process can have an exponential impact on the fortunes of your organisation. Done badly the opposite is often true.

Introducing new skills into your business is an opportunity to take stock - to reassess your market context and the needs of the whole organisation as a result. As such it is a process that should be approached from a fresh perspective and without bias - we believe that individuals and organisations have room for growth. As such, we see a recruitment project as a valuable learning opportunity for all involved.

Our approach to recruitment is the result of many trials in helping businesses to find brilliant people in order to build high-performing teams. We use a five step process which takes us from forming a new search brief to having an engaged and effective new employee in situ, but we treat each search project as a unique challenge in its own right.

Our mission is to be your most ambitious talent partner: to help you to assess and improve your team’s capability, grow your culture and achieve your potential whilst helping the individuals you hire build careers that they are proud of. 

Search and select

Career coaching

Skills and culture audits

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Mutual trust & respect are the foundations on which great teams are built (like is a nice-to-have)

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Top performers balance Operational skills with leadership qualities and discretionary effort

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Successful organisations thrive on simple rules not complex processes



We help teams to explore and understand their dynamics and preferences for working together. We coach teams to adopt new behaviours so they can create the rhythms and rituals for success. We use a toolkit of:

Team alignment tools

Purpose and values workshops

Personal User Manuals

Software platforms to help teams work more effectively together

Team Dynamics

Teams that function at a high level despite uncertain and rapidly changing environments tend to display the same six behaviours, according to the research by Dr. Vaughn Tan, Associate Professor at UCL Business School.

  1. Instead of setting up work so that people get good at what they do by doing the same thing all the time, high-functioning teams set up work so that team members are forced to pay attention to what they do.

  2. High-functioning teams set up work so that every opportunity, even an apparently trivial one, is a non-hostile test of ability.

  3. Instead of spending money having an HR Manager hiring, high-functioning teams spend their own time and effort to personally manage the acquisition of new members.

  4. High-functioning teams don't assume that members' jobs should or will stay the same, or that they should or will know in advance what new members' jobs will be. 

  5. High-functioning teams constantly test and reconfirm the accuracy and ‘shared-ness’ of shared values instead of assuming that they are accurately shared.

  6. Highly functioning teams are very difficult to join and very easy to leave.

These are some—but not all—of the hard and un-euphonious truths about effective organization. They are underpinned culturally by a strongly shared sense of purpose and a universal sense of how success/failure are defined from a qualitative perspective.

“It’s not what job you do, it’s how well you do that job”



In our constantly evolving business world, competitive advantage rarely resides solely in our own organizations; rather, it exists in a network of potential partners formed through looser business relationships.

We use our wide knowledge of the talent, tech and marketing business ecosystem to help clients partner with a wider network of complimentary businesses.  We facilitate partnerships through alignment and introductions:

  • Partner curation and prospect identification

  • Trial the product

  • Check alignment on purpose and values

  • Due diligence with mutual contracts

  • Research investment/acquisition opportunities