In session 1 we highlighted the opportunity for building relationships by being Chefs supporting Chefs with dish solutions, training, inspiration and connections. In order to deliver this we need to have a good understanding of the landscape, of what's trending and how links between content are made. Any questions, let us know -, or

Secret weapons videos 

Watch these videos, then go and try the secret weapons then fill in the forms at the bottom. 

Now do some google/youtube searches around your BET. Look at themes, keywords, relevant questions. What do you notice?
Look for what comes up as part of the autocomplete. 

Use google trends to investigate the trends that are mentioned in the BET. What richness can you add to the understanding of the trends?
Are there any angles that are missing? Can you find any other trends that might be important? Look around e.g. food, eating, social habits.  Be both logical and lateral in your searches.

Think about recipe sites. Does Similarweb offer any insight on the way people behave when they are searching for content around recipes? Does this highlight any further opportunities for reaching Chefs?