Our Story


 We founded Congregation in 2008 as a response to quick-fix attitudes to training and recruitment. In our increasingly complex market, this approach to talent no longer made sense.

In a rapidly digitising world, new skills are essential to progress. But introducing new skills without sufficiently preparing existing teams can create a knowledge gap and confusion.

In an extraordinarily competitive market, new ideas are essential to maintaining relevance. But introducing new ideas without the new skills to back them up can result in a loss of confidence and frustration.   

By recruiting better and training better, we help organisations make the most out of new skills and ideas. We do this through an outlook that is strategic, looking at the whole breadth of a business from structure to process and culture; and actions that are beneficial in the long-term, such as creating a shared organisational purpose, training agile teams and enabling digital transformation.

We enable our clients to develop the ability to incorporate new skills and knowledge more effectively. And in doing so, we make work make sense.


Our Team

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Matt Wells


Matt is a fine art graduate with a background in craft and design. He joined the fledgling digital media revolution in the mid-nineties and became a specialist digital recruiter in 1999. He spent the next 9 years helping build teams across a wide spectrum of sectors. From ‘dotcom’ startups to ‘new media’ agencies - many of the companies he helped launch have gone on to become leading global brands including Linkedin, Google, Amazon, AKQA and R/GA.


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Tim Sparke


Tim heads up the learning and development at Congregation. Helping people better understand technology is the constant thread running through Tim's career – first as a music product specialist for Yamaha and later Apple, then as Head of Client Training at Agency Republic, where he ran education programs for Diageo, the BBC & O2.

Tim designs and delivers bespoke training programmes on marketing and innovation for some of the worlds leading brands and creative agencies including Unilever, Google, ASOS, the V & A and many more.



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Kate Mills


Kate heads up finance, research and operations at Congregation. Previously Kate ran research health projects for the UN in China.

 Our Network


The Congregation is a global collective of creatives, strategists, marketers and technologists who work at the point where creativity, innovation and technology intersect. We built our network on two pillars - trust and respect. Trust relates to consistency of delivery. Respect to quality of output. The best practitioners who set the bar high and deliver consistently at that level. People and teams who transform the places they work.

The Congregation Network offers us a collective capability which far exceeds our modest size, built on reputation, recommendation and shared purpose and values.

Although we are and always will be small, we have access to an unparalleled brains trust — a network of specialists and practitioners that allows us to provide better solutions, faster.

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