In session 2 we looked at the importance of having a sharp Operator portrait, of using data to size up the opportunity and of creating content that will meet their needs. Creating engaging content in formats that work for Chefs online requires us to understand the context in which we are working. You'll be exploring content and then you'll be asked to come up with a couple of new content ideas for your BET. Any questions, let us know -, or

Secret weapons videos 

Watch these videos, then go and try the secret weapons then fill in the forms at the bottom. 

Use Buzz Sumo to explore the world of content and what’s popular. Try a search related to your BET e.g. brand, category, interest area. Identify what’s been shared and where. Which formats? Which platforms?

Go deeper in Buzz Sumo to investigate the most influential accounts. What characteristics do they have? Are there any patterns? What can we learn from this?

Use App Annie to get a window into what’s happening in mobile apps. Look at the most popular downloads in relation to your BET. Think about both the category and keywords.

  • Download a couple of popular Apps and use them.
  • Think of two new ideas for useful content in your BET.