Finding the right people

We're not people pushers. We believe that our value is in the quality and not the quantity. We're always impartial. Our focus is on doing what's best for the companies and individuals we work with. Our ability to do this is underpinned by our multiple revenue streams.

If all you need is a job we're not the people to talk to. If you're serious about building a career, we absolutely are. 

If you just want people quickly, we're not an ideal partner. If you're passionate about building a brilliant team, we absolutely are.

We take a strategic approach to every assignment - we are rigorous and thorough. Each brief is effectively search and selection, we just don't charge the crazy fee. We work best when we're an extension of your brand. We invest the time it takes to get to know you properly and this allows us to identify the people you really need. It also allows us to introduce you to people you don't know you need until you meet them. They're often the individuals who are the most transformative.


Growing relevant knowledge

We help people understand the effect technology’s had on the world and the people in it. A world in which everyone and everything are connected makes traditional, linear communication strategies less and less effective.

We help people understand the opportunities in an interactive, hands-on and fun way. Digital’s an interactive discipline and we believe personal activation is the first step to professional understanding. We can come in to inspire your whole team, we can run specialist workshops on digital strategy, mobile & social or we can provide one to one coaching for your senior management team. 

It’s not about seeing cool stuff and forgetting it. It’s about defining the new services you want to create and making sure your people can deliver on those services. We build confidence and a culture of curiosity so your team are best placed to cope with a world of constant change. We do this for some of the best brands and agencies in the world - Unilever, Saatchi & Saatchi, O2, Google, Weiden + Kennedy and many more.


Adopting the right approach

The same time-tested models that made our organisations a success now threaten to make them obsolete. Nearly every business process requires a new strategic approach. 

Using audits and workshops we help you understand the new market context, identifying the challenges you face but also the opportunities for growth. Our strategic approach is a chance to sense-check the issues, an invaluable airlock before you get into the much more expensive delivery phase of change.

Our knowledge and insight combined with your practical experience helps you arrive at a robust business case and the correct approach for what you are about to do.

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