Our audits help us to uncover the insights we need to design the appropriate talent, training or culture solution for the specific challenges you have. We like to include many perspectives and involve people and teams from across the organisation to get a holistic impression of what’s going on. The objective is to learn as much as possible about the needs and context for developing your talent. We can then address the challenges more effectively from a position of better understanding. 


Our workshops aim to clarify insights and ideas on particular topics. The workshop format is essential for facilitating communication between teams, for sharing experiences and aligning on common values, priorities and goals. The topics we cover are: Team Alignment, Brand Purpose & Values, Marketing Innovation & Business Disruption.   

Training Programmes

Our marketing innovation programmes will educate your teams on how to create communications relevant to an increasingly digitized world. The workshops will allow your teams to sense-check existing digital initiatives, identify gaps and develop new opportunities. We’ll equip your teams with real knowledge and expertise regarding new and emerging channels and how to fit them in your wider marketing plan. We’ll work on live projects so people can apply their newfound thinking straight away and turn that knowledge into skills.

Our digital leadership programme will give your senior people new digital knowledge (understanding technology, the Web, and shifts in business culture). It will help them develop new skills (focus, communication skills, productivity and critical thinking around new opportunities). We spend 3-6 months coaching leaders using online and in-person experiences so they can build a more future-focussed culture, and become more confident, leading and challenging their teams in disruptive times.


Our recruitment service is purpose & values-led, meaning that we embed your brand into the candidate experience from the get-go. In the face of fierce competition for good talent, we need to work as an effective extension to your brand to help potential employees get to know your business and understand what it might be like to work with you.