The Role
What do you need doing?
What will it say on the business card?
Where will this role be based? Will there be regular work in other offices? Will there be travel?
Has this role existed before? Permanent hire? How important is this hire to the success of the business?
What team does this role sit within?
Where does the team fit within the wider organisation?
Who does this person report to directly? Who are the dotted-line reports to?
Minimum salary? Maximum salary?
Describe the salary and all additional benefits
How long do you anticipate it will take someone to get up to speed? How long do they have to crack it?
What should the notice period be for this role given its level of seniority/impact on the business?
en does this person absolutely have to be in place?
Company Overview
Your 'elevator pitch'
Key Objectives
Describe the effect that you anticipate the role will have on your business
Key Tasks
Describe the activities that will constitute the role
Describe what the person you hire can expect to do on a day-to-day basis.
What are the constraints of the role?
Revenue & Budget Responsibilities
People Responsibilities
Key Stakeholders
Describe these relationships.
Impact Assessment / Building Measurable KPI’s
Opportunities For Career Growth
Explain how the role might evolve
The Candidate
Who do you want to do it?
Preferred educational requirements:
Essential Experience
Core Competencies
List in order of importance
Core Characteristics