"In the absence of a crystal ball, understanding future digital behaviour in a meaningful way that you can use for your business is not simple, but Congregation make it so. Their knowledge is endless, the content inspiring and it's always fun."

Sarah Davies, Head of New Business Innovation 



"During the time we've worked with the Congregation, we've been incredibly impressed with the thoughtfulness with which they approach the search for talent.  They take the time to totally understand us, our culture and our needs and this is really evident in every candidate we have the pleasure to meet. We trust their judgement completely and it really feels like they have the agency and their candidates best interests at heart"

Helen Foulder, Deputy MD 



"Exceptional Digital Training"

Wendy Aitken, Marketing Excellence Director



"I have never had anything but the complete truth from the Congregation. I have never been 'sold' a candidate and I have always been listened to. They get our briefs, but more importantly they get our culture, which invariably leads to the right people being put in front of us. Thanks for that."

Nic Owen, MD 



"Because of the way Congregation work I know that every candidate that they suggest or put forward will be worth meeting. They have a much deeper understanding of not just the type of person I might need in terms of talent but also in terms of the personality that will fit."

Amy Garrett, Head of Client Development 



"I've worked with Congregation for many years now, both as a candidate and a client. They're head and shoulders above anyone else I've worked with. They totally 'get it' and have a great eye and understanding of what I'm after and the kind of people that would fit the culture as well as the role. That's so important. I've recommended Congregation to loads of people - candidates and clients - and will continue to do so.  They genuinely want the best for all parties, which is how you build strong, sustainable, ass kicking teams."

Abigail Findlay, Brand & Creative Director



“Congregation is different. Different is good. When I go to them for talent they conduct an exhaustive search based on MY needs. Not who THEY happen to have on their books, in any market. Think about it. But they are more than that. As creative businesses struggle to redefine themselves, they, uniquely, can work with organizations to recruit, reshape, retrain and re calibrate, leaving them better placed to fit today's blisteringly fast paced world of commerce.”

Jon Williams, ECD & Chief Digital Officer



"Whenever I talk to either Congregation I know I am directly tapping into  probably the single most interesting and informed marketing network on the planet. Their generosity in sharing this knowledge and network is amazing."

Matt Charlton, Chief Executive Officer